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Sally Girl Mini Nail Polish New Shades Swatches & Review

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sally girl polish swatches-2

Brainy // Twinkle // Luv It // It’s So Me // Baby Doll

A while back, Sally Beauty released several new additions to the 99 cent Sally Girl polish line (the website has was recently updated by the way – much better swatches now!). If you aren’t familiar with these polishes, they’re small, but generally have good formulas.  I have a handful of them that I really like, and I bought five of the newer shades. Sometimes the bottles have the names printed on them, but sometimes they only have the item number, so I’ve included the item number for reference.  If you have a polish without a name, you can check on the Sally Beauty website (same link as above) – the website lists both name and number.

Sally Girl Brainy Twinkle Luv It It's So Me Genie Swatches

Brainy 812035 // Twinkle 812097 // Luv It 812049 // It’s So Me 812121 //  Genie 812015

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Sally Girl Nail Polish Minis Review, Swatches, Photos

Since I love having a variety of nail polish to choose from, and since I don’t have a huge budget, I’ve spent a lot of time exploring various budget nail polish brands.  My favorite staple 99 cent nail polish brands are Wet n Wild and Essence, but I’ve recently discovered a new 99 cent nail polish favorite: the mini bottles of Sally Girl nail polish near the checkout at Sally Beauty Supply.

I only have three shades so far, but I love all three.  From left to right, I have Your Majesty (purple creme), Surf’s Up (teal creme), and Mango Tango (bright orange creme). Note that the Sally Girl polishes frequently only have a number, rather than a name on them – but if you google the number, you can get the name from the Sally Beauty website.

The one downside is that some of the shades take a couple coats to become opaque. Your Majesty and Mango Tango only take about 2 coats, but Surf’s Up takes 3-4 coats to become opaque.  However, the color is so incredible that it’s definitely worth the trouble!

Here’s a close up of Surf’s Up – hopefully the swatch conveys how awesome this shade is:

sally girl surf’s up

These wear really well; polish doesn’t last very well on me, so I’m not going to give you a number of days, but these definitely last longer than average.

What are your favorite inexpensive nail polish brands?


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