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Rouge Bunny Rouge Florita and Orpheline Review, Swatches, Photos

Orpheline, Florita

I recently purchased Rouge Bunny Rouge For Love of Roses Original Skin Blush in Florita and Orpheline from Beautyhabit.  First, let me say that Beautyhabit has excellent customer service and I highly recommend them – they shipped out my order immediately, and it arrived in one day (I live quite near them). They included both the samples I requested as well as several other samples.

Next, the packaging!  Rouge Bunny Rouge is, deservedly, known for beautiful packaging.  Even the boxes are quite beautiful.  My taste tends to more minimalist packaging than what RBR has, but even I appreciate the flowers on the RBR boxes and compacts. The blush itself is just lovely; it is embossed with flowers (or are they pinwheels?) in a lovely design.

RBR Original Skin Blush packaging
Blush Compact
Rouge Bunny Rouge Florita
Rouge Bunny Rouge Orpheline

And, the quality of the blush is the best I’ve tried so far. The blushes are soft, creamy, and not powdery at all. When I applied the blush to my face using my normal blush, I was shocked at how easy it was to get the perfect veil of even, perfectly blended color. I have a new favorite!  I will definitely be buying more of these.

I consider the price of these reasonable for the quality; they are $31 at Beautyhabit for 3.5 grams.  NARS Blush is $28 – a similar price, but contains 4.5 grams.  If you regularly finish blush, this would make a difference; I don’t, so the amount difference doesn’t matter to me.  Burberry blush (a more comprable brand in my opinion) is $42 for 6.8 grams, significantly more expensive for almost double the amount. Personally I’d rather have more variety and smaller blushes, but I know that $31 for such a small blush will be a sticking point for some.  Please see my post on whether expensive makeup is “worth it” for further thoughts on this issue.

And, swatches! The only disappointment I had regarding these fantastic blushes was that they were more similar swatches that I expected. Orpheline is brighter and cleaner, while Florita is a little more muted, but they are quite similar, especially on the face.  I haven’t decided whether to keep both or nor yet.

RBR Orpheline, Florita

I’ve heard that Orpheline in particular is very similar to Illamasqua Hussy, so I also swatched Hussy for comparison; while they are certainly similar, I wouldn’t consider them dupes.  You can also see that the RBR blushes melt into the skin in a way that Hussy – which also has a fantastic texture – does not.  All swatches were done on bare skin with sponge tipped applicators.

Illamasqua Hussy, RBR Orpheline, RBR Florita

I don’t have cheek swatches for you right now because I am broken out; however, I’ll post a FOTD in the near future featuring these blushes!

Overall, I am thrilled with my new blush acquisitions!  If you would like to see more swatches of RBR blushes, the fantastic (and new-ish to me) Drivol About Frivol has five of six the powder blushes swatched here, and the sixth is swatched by Planet About Martha here.


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