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mufe aqua brow swatches

MUFE 35 Taupe Aqua Brow Review & Swatches

mufe aqua brow 35 taupe

I recently (-ish) purchased Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Brow in the shade 35 Taupe, and after a lot of experimentation, I finally feel comfortable writing a review of it.  For me at least, this wasn’t an easy to use product – it took a while for me to figure out how best to use it, and specifically how to keep from applying too much product.

Make Up For Ever boutiques, and makeup supply stores that carry the whole line, sell seven shades of Aqua Brow (which is also known as the waterproof eyebrow corrector) 10 Light Blond, 15 Blond, 20 Light Brown, 25 Ash, 30 Dark Brown, 35 Taupe, and 40 Brown Black.  Sephora sells three shades – 10, 15, and 25.

I purchased mine from a beauty supply store, and while I was there, I swatched all the shades they had available (they were missing testers for 10 and 25). Please note that this swatch is a cell phone picture in store lighting, so it’s not completely color accurate, but hopefully it’s helpful for comparison purposes. For the other shades, Vampy Varnish has a swatch of #10 here, and Makeup & Beauty Blog has a swatch of #25 here.

mufe aqua brow swatches - 15, 20, 30, 35, 40

15 Blonde, 20 Light Brown, 30 Dark Brown, 35 Taupe, 40 Brown Black

And of course, I have a better swatch of 35 Taupe, since I purchased it – please note how significantly the color differs from the above swatch of all the colors! These swatches were all done with my brow brush.  I did the heavy swatch first, wiped off my brush, then used what what left on the brush to do the medium swatch; then I used what was still on the brush to do the light swatch.

mufe aqua brow 35 taupe swatch

heavy swatch // medium swatch // light swatch

As for how it performs, I like it, but I don’t love it. As I mentioned, it’s a bit hard to use. I’ve settled on squeezing a bit out on to the back of my hand, dipping my brush in that, then wiping my brush off on the back of my hand. Then, with the remnants left on my brush, I do my brows – it’s basically the same method that I used to swatch it.  It’s a bit of a process, and seems to be more trouble than it’s worth. I get good results, but I also get good results with other brow products and less time.  Perhaps it’s because I chose a darker color; 25 Ash might have been a better choice.

Here is a before/after without any product and with the aqua brow (and other makeup, as you can see!):

mufe aqua brow before / after

The good news is that it does, as advertised, last all day (though again, my other brow products do too).

Coming soon: a comparison of all the different eyebrow products I use.

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