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Photo Spam – YSL Glossy Stains and More!

My happy little Nail Pattern Boldness family

I don’t have a real post prepared today, so here are some photographs I have around. Above – my Nail Pattern Boldness polishes (a couple of them just arrived today – the second from the left, Oodiful, is from the new Dr. Who – themed collection.)  I’m currently working on a Glitter Food review (it’s a topcoat, and can be used to fix polishes with sinking glitter).

I’m also working on a review of this giant $10, 100-pan eyeshadow ELF Holiday Eyeshadow palette from Target.

On the other end of the cost spectrum, I’ve recently purchased two YSL Glossy stains – 1 Violet Edition & Mauve Pigmente. I’m not sure that I’ll review them, so here are swatches of both – left hand photo has swatches swiped with the applicator, on the right they’re blended in a bit with my finger.

left: 1 Violet Edition // right: 4 Mauve Pigmente (in both photos)

I only have 1 Violet Edition swatched on my lips:

But hey, here’s a photo of the applicator for number 4:

I also recently managed to get my hands on Sahara Treasure Infallible from Canada, which isn’t available in the US:

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