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Pretty Woman Velvet Provocateur kit

Spotted: New Drugstore Nail Art Items

drugstore nail art kits

Yesterday, I spotted some new-to-me nail art kits at Rite Aid, so I took some quick photos!

I believe that the Pretty Woman brand is exclusive to Rite Aid.  I’ve seen Pretty Woman’s Nail Pearls kits before in freestanding displays, but I saw them on the wall, which means that they are permanent.  I also saw the below Pretty Woman Velvet manicure kits (called “Velvet Provocateur”), which came in three colors; black, pink, and teal.

Pretty Woman Velvet manicure kit

Pretty Woman Velvet Provocateur kit

I also saw several kits from the brand Fing’rs Edge, which I was not familiar with; they do have a website though, and it looks like you can purchase their products at Rite Aid, CVS, Ulta, and many other stores.

I saw the following kits:

fing'rs edge nail art tools

Nail Art Tools Variety Pack

fing'rs edge matte & regular top coat pack

Matte & Regular top coat pack

fing'rs edge nail tattoos

Nail Tattoos (note that regular newspaper also works – but the other designs & maps look interesting!)

fing'rs edge nail studs

Nail Studs

Do you see anything you’re interested in?