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Eyebrow Product Comparison

brow productsThis is a quick post to compare how the three main eyebrow products I use look applied:

  • Anastasia Brow Powder Duo in Brunette, reviewed/swatched here
  • Browlash Water Strong W Eyebrow Pen, reviewed/swatched here
  • Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow, reviewed/swatched here

And the comparisons:

no eyebrow product

No eyebrow product

I have relatively full brows, but prefer a more defined look than I have naturally.

anastasia brow powder duo - applied

Anastasia powder

The powder is quickest and easiest to apply. It gives the softest look.


Browlash pen (pen side only)

I love everything about the Browlast pen – the color is perfect (a very cool grey-brown), and I love the defined, but natural, look it gives. It’s also the longest-lasting of the products.

aqua brow applied

MUFE Aqua Brow

Aqua Brow is a really nice product, but since I chose a dark shade it’s a bit tricky to apply (a lighter shade would have been more user-friendly).  I’m getting more comfortable with it, though!

What type of product do you use on your brows – pen, pencil, powder, cream, or another type?

Browlash Water Strong W Eyebrow Review & Swatches

Browlash Ex Water Strong W Eyebrow

Browlash Ex Water Strong W Eyebrow

I recently discovered two different Japanese import shops near me, each with a huge selection of Japanese makeup and skincare items. I bought a few different items in each shop, so I have several upcoming reviews for you.  My favorite purchased item has to be the Browlash Ex Water Strong W Eyebrow dual ended pen and pencil – I’ve been using the pen end every day since I got it, and entirely abandoned my previous favorite, Anastasia Brow Powder duo in Brunette.

As you can see from the package, the pencil end of the package is intended for the inner eyebrows, and the pen end for the outer eyebrows.  However, I am not used to eyebrow pencils, and I haven’t figured out how to use the pencil end of this product effectively yet, though it seems to be of nice quality.  The pen end is extremely easy to use, so I’ve just been using it on my whole eyebrow.

The color I purchased is called “grey brown” – and is fantastic shade for my almost-black eyebrows.  As you can see below, the pencil end is brown, but the pen end is grey-brown.  The swatch immediately below shows one swipe of each end, plus a layered swatch of each end.  Then, I also have a before/ after of my eyebrows, using only the pen end.

Browlash Ex Water Strong W Eyebrow  - applied

no product // pen end of Browlash

As you can see, I could have done a slightly better job blending the pen into the inner corner of my eyebrow – I prefer that edge to be softer than it is in the photo. Still, I think the pen looks great – it adds definition to my browns, but looks very natural.

The pen end also lasts incredibly well – it lives up to the 24 hours claim on the package! I actually swatched the pen-end only yesterday afternoon, forgot to wash it off, and it was still intact this morning.  It had faded a bit, but did not smudge or flake.  It lasts just as well on my eyebrows – from application until I remove it, often 16 hours later.

Overall, I LOVE this product. It is easy to use, natural looking, and lasts very well – everything I look for in an eyebrow product! I highly recommend it.

If you don’t have a store that sells Japanese makeup near you, you can purchase Browlash Water Strong W Eyebrow on ebay or Sasa.com.  Please note that have never purchased from that seller or from Sasa.com, so I can’t personally recommend either source.