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Becca Beach Tint Quick Swatches

becca beach tint swatches - fig grapefruit watermelon guava raspberry lychee dragonfruit papaya

Becca Beach Tint Swatches – Sephora store lighting

I wanted to see how all the Becca Beach Tints compared, but I couldn’t find swatches of all of them together online – so I went to Sephora and swatched them all. However, I did not think ahead to bring my camera, so this is a cell phone picture in store lighting; it’s not the most color- accurate photograph I’ve taken! It does show how they compare, though – I was considering buying Raspberry, but unsure if was too close to Dragonfruit, which I own. Now I know that they’re definitely different enough to buy Raspberry!

Becca Beach Tints sell for $25 and are available in some Sephora stores and on Sephora online.  They are designed to be used on both the cheeks and lips. You can read my full review of Dragonfruit here.

Which one is your favorite?

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Becca Dragonfruit Beach Tint – Review & Swatches

Becca Dragonfruit Beach Tint

Becca Dragonfruit Beach Tint

As part of my Sephora Friends & Family order (I was lucky to get a code from a friend), I bought Becca’s Dragonfruit Beach Tint – my first Becca product!  Beach tints are described as a “blendable crème stain,” and they can be used on both lips and eyes.  Dragonfruit is, according to Sephora, a “poppy pink” – though I would describe it as more of a reddened pink.

Becca’s Beach Tints are packaged in a small tube with a nozzle.  It’s definitely the right packaging choice for the consistency of the product – it’s easy to squeeze out exactly the right amount. The tube is small (.24oz / 7ml), but given how little you need, it’s plenty to last a long time.  The only complaint I have is that the Beach Tints do not say the shade name anywhere on the package.  The colored stripe is different for each, but if you have several similar shades, it might be difficult to use that to determine the shade.

Dragonfruit Beach Tint - heavy & blended swatches

Dragonfruit Beach Tint – heavy & blended swatches

As mentioned above, I would describe Dragonfruit’s color as a reddened pink.  The lovely Drivel About Frivol has some comparison swatches here; she also has a photo of completely unblended Beach Tint, so you can see the consistency – which I would describe as a creamy gel.  Dragonfruit is very pigmented, but easily blendable.  It’s totally weightless on my cheeks, but slightly drying on my lips.  On my cheeks, it started to fade after about four hours, but lasted 6-7 hours.  On my lips, it was gone after two hours and a snack – but I did wear lip balm over it; it might have lasted longer if I hadn’t. Do note that it has an artificial fruit scent; I dislike the scent, but it disappears quite quickly.

In the following photo, I’m wearing Dragonfruit on my cheeks and lips:

Dragonfruit Beach tint – cheeks & lips

And a lip close-up; you can see that it adds color to my lips, but doesn’t change the texture of them at all.

Dragonfruit Beach tint -  lip swatch

Becca products are newly available at Sephora.com, and some, but not all, Sephora stores.

Overall, I would absolutely recommend Dragonfruit. I like the consistency, especially for cheeks, and I like the versatility of using it on both cheeks and lips.  I do wish it wore a bit longer on me, and I wish it was unscented!