Sinful Colors Swatches

sinful colors swatches - collage

I noticed that some of my most popular posts are the ones featuring Sinful Colors swatches, so I though that I should swatch all of my Sinful Colors polishes for you.  I managed to miss a few (I’ve managed to buy a lot of these polishes – mostly while they were on sale for $1 each), but here are 30 swatches.  Since there are so many polishes, I did these on nail wheels.

sinful colors swatch wheels-2

The first wheel starts with some miscellaneous topcoats (and a metallic), goes to pink, then we start the rainbow – red, orange, yellow, and green. All swatches are two coats unless otherwise noted.

Because this post is so long and image-heavy, I’ve placed the rest of the photographs behind a cut (hopefully it works) so the front page of the blog doesn’t get too long and load slowly!

sinful colors all about you swatch

All About You  – one coat

All about you is a very small gold flake. It’s very dense, and I love it. Here’s another swatch of it from an older Sinful Colors swatch post I did:

sinful colors all about you - swatch

All About You – two coats, one coat over black

I love it all the different ways. All About You is a permanent shade.

sinful colors super nova swatch

Super Nova

Super Nova is a rose gold metallic foil. It was a limited edition shade, and is not currently available, but Sinful often brings back LE shades.

sinful colors smoking hot swatch

Smoking Hot

Smoking Hot is a very fine translucent glitter. This is one coat. 

sinful colors social ladder swatch

Social Ladder

Social Ladder is a palest pink shimmer. It is slightly transparent at two coats.  It is a permanent shade.

sinful colors truth or dare swatch

Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is part of the currently available, limited-edition Kiss & Tell Valentine’s Day display.

sinful colors georgio swatch


Georgio is part of the same LE Valentine’s day display. It’s a slightly transparent dark red at one coat, and even darker with two coats (as pictured).

sinful colors sugar sugar swatch

Sugar Sugar

Sugar Sugar is a metallic red with shimmer. This isn’t really my type of shade, but it’s quite beautiful. (Permanent)

sinful colors clementine swatch


Clementine is a gorgeous, saturated bright orange creme. It’s just about opaque in one coat – many of Sinful’s cremes are. I had thought this was a permanent shade, but I don’t see it on Sinful’s website, so perhaps it was LE.

sinful colors lets meet swatch

Let’s Meet

Let’s Meet is a cheerful yellow shimmer.  It takes three coats to be opaque.  Again, this one isn’t listed online, so it must be LE.

sinful colors green ocean swatch

Green Ocean

Green Ocean is a flakie with a base that is tinted green.  It also has some glitter pieces in it.  It’s best as a layering shade. I believe this shade comes out every year as a LE shade for St. Patrick’s Day.

sinful colors last chance swatch

Last Chance

Last Chance is a crelly (cream/jelly) finish deep green. It looks black in some lighting. This shade was part of the Enchanted Collection and is not currently available.

sinful colors rise and shine swatch

Rise and Shine

Rise and Shine is a very pretty turquoise green with some shimmer that (for some odd reason) dries semi-matte. I usually wear it with topcoat. (Permanent).

sinful colors mint apple swatch

Mint Apple

Mint Apple is similar to Rise and Shine, but has a glossy finish and is a bit lighter. It’s one of my favorite Sinful shades. (Permanent)

sinful colors in the mist - leap flog swatches, comparison

In The Mist // Leap Flog

Here are In the Mist and Leap Flog side by side, since they’re so close – In The Mist is just a touch darker.   In The Mist was part of the Enchanted Collection; Leap Flog has been released a few times I think.

sinful colors swatch wheels Time for the second wheel! Blues, purples (that blue in the middle of the purples is really bothering me), greys.

sinful colors cinderella swatch


Cinderella is a pale baby blue with pink shimmer. It’s a permanent shade (and very popular, though not my favorite).

sinful colors why not - ocean side swatches

Why Not // Ocean Side

I’ve photographed Why Not and Ocean Side together, since they look almost identical in the bottle; clearly, they are different when swatched, though I would describe each as a mid-tone blue. Why Not is permanent, Ocean Side was LE.

sinful colors rain storm swatch

Rain Storm

Rain Storm is one of my favorites – a deep, greyed blue. It is LE, part of the Enchanted Collection.

sinful colors lavender swatch


Lavender is a blue-lavender, and LE.

sinful colors inkwell swatch


Inkwell is a very, very deep purple. It looks black in the bottle and in some lights. It was released as part of the Enchanted Collection as well, and is LE.

sinful colors mesmerize swatch


Mesmerize is a deep purple; it looks almost black in my swatch, but doesn’t appear black in person.  I’ve heard it’s a dupe for Essie No More Film, but can’t confirm.  It is LE, and was released as part of the Enchanted Collection and then again with the Sinful Matte topcoat.

sinful colors daddys girl swatch

Daddy’s Girl

Daddy’s Girl is another favorite – a deep but bright purple with flecks of lighter purple. It’s very sheer, and this is three coats.  It’s a permanent shade.

sinful colors precious metal swatch

Precious Metal

Precious Metal should have been swatched with the blues, but here it is with the purples. It was an LE shade.

sinful colors winterberry swatch


Winterberry, a shimmery slightly greyed purple, is another LE – it has been released multiple times.

sinful colors muse swatch


Muse is another favorite.  It’s anothered greyed out purple, but this time a creme.  It is also LE.

sinful colors nirvana swatch


Nirvana is taupe – a greyed brown with a hint of purple. It is permanent.

sinful colors jungle trail swatch

Jungle Trail

Jungle Trail, a light grey, is another LE from the Enchanted Collection (I loved it and bought the whole collection, which is why I have so many from it!).

sinful colors smokin swatch


Smokin’ is a LE that been released a few times lately. It’s a blue-based grey, and is a dupe for NARS Stormbird – side by side swatches here.

sinful colors slate swatch


And finally, Slate is a LE shimmery grey.  I believe it has been released a few times now.

Whew, that was a lot of swatches! I hope this post is helpful to someone, at some point!

  • Icequeen81

    truth of dare , giorgio , inkwell , everything with a deep shade is my thing to many to mention

  • Margaret Gordon

    Thank you for taking the time to share your Sinful swatches. I appreciate beauty blogs that still choose to show their products, because I personally believe that they’ve done all they could to rectify the previous issue.

  • I LOVE Sinful Colors. It’s hard for me not to pick some up every time I go to Walgreens, but I’m usually pretty good at waiting for the $1 sales. Speaking of which, they need to have another one soon! There are still a lot of shades I need in my stash!

  • Faith

    I own last chance and love it, but the staining is something awful!

  • Angel

    This is great Im pretty new to polish but I think im in love with sinful colors. Any thoughts on when the next $1 sale will be?

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