Sinful Colors Shine with Gel Tech: Review & Swatches

Sinful Colors Shine with Gel Tech Manhunt // Blue Suede Shoes // My Kryptonite

Manhunt // Blue Suede Shoes // My Kryptonite

Sinful Colors recently released a new line of permanent products, the Sinful Shine polishes with Gel Tech – supposedly five times glossier than the regular line of Sinful Colors polishes (many of which I find quite glossy, actually).  Per the display, these can be found exclusively at Walgreens.

Sinful Colors Shine Display

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Here’s a short review for you: As far as I can tell, they are exactly the same as the regular Sinful Colors polishes, except with a shiny silver cap instead of a matte black cap, and they cost $2.99 instead of $1.99.  No difference at all – the shine factor is the same, wear time is the same, application / opacity is the same – most cremes are opaque in one coat, and just the like regular line of Sinful Colors, some colors stain.

Sinful Colors Shine with Gel Tech Swatches

Blue Suede Shoes // Manhunt // My Kryptonite (which is much brighter in person)

I bought three shades. Blue Suede Shoes is a dusky blue creme (I love this one especially), Manhunt is an army green shimmer,  and My Kryponite is a super bright teal green that I love – but for the green nails it left me with after removal.  I’ve worn all three, but given the state of my cuticles, I only have these two on the nail swatches:

Sinful Colors Shine Blue Suede Shoes

Blue Suede Shoes

Sinful Colors Shine My Kryptonite Franken Swatch

My Kryptonite topped with a franken

This last photo is closer to the brightness of My Kryptonite – it’s actually even brighter than this in person. It’s really a pity that it stains so badly, as it’s quite gorgeous!

It also seems like in addition to the formula being the same between Sinful Core and Sinful Shine, some polishes may be literally rebottled. Check this out:

Sinful Colors Shine Core Comparison-2

Most Sinful (Shine) // Endless Blue (Core)

Sinful Colors Shine Core Comparison

Rebel (Shine) // Nirvana (Core) — these are not identical in the bottle, but very, very close.

There are many other similar shades, and possible other identical shades; I didn’t go through them all. These are just a few that caught my eye! There are also some shades that are unique to the Shine line as far as I can tell, including the three I bought.

Overall, I would recommend these polishes as inexpensive polishes – they’re only $3 after all – just as long as you realize that they are the same formula as Sinful Colors’s $2 formula. It is disappointing that there’s no real difference between the formulas, but I can’t say I’m surprised

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  • ThePamster

    That’s too bad, I had hoped they were better quality, but I adore the $2 polishes and have quite a large number of them, so I think I’ll be sticking with those. Not that my part of Florida will get these new Sinful Shines anyway, it seems like they overlook us here as we never got the magnetics or anything cool. Thanks for the review and heads up about that teal, not cool to have green nails when you use a good base coat…

    • Well I admit that I sometimes skip base coat and did actually skip it this time, but it was not mild staining, it was BRIGHT green nails (in patches – some parts were stained mild green), so I doubt that base coat would have done much. I think nail polish needs to be formulated not to stain at all; most polishes don’t, even bright blues/greens.

  • KD

    I have noticed if you use top coat, these will not dry. Even with a quick dry tc. I bought Alfresco and put it on; twelve hour later it was still dentable. Because it is so goopy and streaky, you HAVE to wear a top coat or it looks terrible 🙁 I haven’t tried any of the others I bought, and because I used my Wags bucks to get them for practically free, there’s no point in taking them back.

    • I think this varies with individual body chemistry – all three of these dried just fine for me, and I used top coat on some. I know there are some polishes that dry just fine on others but never, ever dry for me!

  • Katrina Wiese

    Another dupe from the core Sinful Colors line and Sinful Shine is Alfresco (Sinful Shine) and the Sail la Vie (Sinful Colors).

  • Anita Smith

    It is green on the nail. It is one of my faves!