Sinful Colors Holiday Shimmers: Review & Swatches

Sinful Colors Super Star, Winter Wonder, Faceted

Sinful Colors has released a collection of glitters for the holidays, called the “Holiday Shimmer” collection – I believe there are six new shades in the collection, though I’m not sure.  I purchased three of the shades – Super Star, Winter Wonder, and Faceted, and I have quick & dirty swatches plus a review for you today!

First, Super Star, my favorite. Super Star consists of purple glitter and blue glass-shard flakies in a blue tinted base. It’s a unique and beautiful shade. In terms of consistency, it is a bit goopy – it applies fine if you wait for each layer to dry, but if you try to apply a layer over wet nail polish, it is prone to gathering at the tips and/or creating bald spots.  It is opaque in two coats, which is pictured here (it looks much better with topcoat, but is pictured without topcoat):

Sinful Colors Super Star

I also have a NOTD shot of Super Star – my cuticles are in absolutely terrible condition, so sorry – this is why I have one-thumb swatches of the others. But, you can see how lovely it is with topcoat!

Sinful Colors Super Star swatch – with topcoat

My second favorite is Winter Wonder, which is a blue-grey base with multicolored shimmer. I see silver and blue shimmer primarily, but also flashes of green and magenta.   This has a nice formula (thicker than ideal, but very usable), but takes three coats to be almost opaque.   I’ve also tried layering it over a dark grey – one coat layered is lovely, but doesn’t have the depth of the polish alone.   This looks similar to Zoya FeiFei in swatches, but I don’t own the Zoya to compare.  The following swatch is three coats:

Sinful Colors Winter Wonder

My least favorite of the three is Faceted, which is a clear polish with purple glitter and iridescent green bar glitter. This was also thick in consistency; again, you need to be sure the first layer is mostly dry before adding another layer.  This is probably best as a layering polish, but here are two coats alone – the iridescence made my camera refuse to focus!

Sinful Colors Faceted

Overall, I would recommend Super Star and Winter Wonder, but give Faceted a pass.


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