Sinful Colors Almost Famous / Paparazzi Collection Swatches & Photos

Sinful Colors In The Spotlight, Fantasy, Star Dust swatches

In The Spotlight // Fantasy // Star Dust


A few days ago I spotted and posted about a new limited edition drugstore collection, the Sinful Colors Almost Famous limited edition glitters, which I saw at Walgreens. Today, I saw the same collection at Rite Aid, but it is called the Paparazzi collection – Sinful Colors has done this before, and I checked the bottles – all the polishes are the same, just the display is different.  I purchased three shades, and I have swatches for you, plus information on the shades I didn’t buy.

First, here are the two displays to compare:

almost famous limited edition glitters

Sinful Colors Almost Famous – Walgreens

sinful colors paparazzi collection

Sinful Colors Paparazzi – Rite Aid

Here are the three shades I purchased – In The Spotlight, Fantasy, and Star Dust.

sinful colors in the spotlight fantasy star dust sinful colors in the spotlight fantasy star dust

 I’ve swatched them alone and over black.

sinful colors in the spotlight swatch

In The Spotlight

In the Spotlight has large rainbow glitter and very fine green glitter in a clear base, but it almost appears to be a green base because of the glitter.

sinful colors fantasy swatch


Fantasy has large rainbow glitter and small rainbow glitter – this one is my favorite.

sinful colors star dust swatch

Star Dust

Star Dust has large hot pink glitter and smallish purple glitter. It looks especially good over black.

There are five shades I did not purchase – two are multi-glitters:

sinful colors bombshell


Bombshell looks similar to In The Spotlight – I think it’s large rainbow glitters with small green glitters, but it’s hard to tell.

sinful colors show stopping

Show Stopping

Show Stopping seems like a pink version of the multi glitters – large rainbow glitters with small pink glitters; though again, I’m not sure.

Rounding out the collection are three solid-colors glitters – Popparazzi is a bright pinky-purple glitter, After Party is a blue glitter, and Lush Life is a turquoise glitter. I believe all three have both small and large glitter pieces.

Are you planning to pick up anything from this collection?