Shiseido RD 607 Nocturne Laquer Rouge Review, Swatches, Photos

Shiseido RD 607 Nocturne Laquer Rouge

Shiseido RD 607 Nocturne Laquer Rouge

Recently, Sephora offered a free mini of Shiseido’s new liquid lipstick and since it was offered in the shade I was most interested in, I decided to place an order for some things I had been planning to buy and get the mini!

Shiseido’s new line of liquid lipsticks, named Laquer Rouge, are offered in eight shades in the US (plus some Asia – exclusive shades), and I have RD 607 Nocturne to review today.   Since it’s a mini, the packaging you see above is different than the standard packaging, which looks lovely to me – but I haven’t seen in person.

Shiseido Laquer Rouge packaging

Shiseido Laquer Rouge packaging

RD 607 Nocturne is described as an “intense dark red.”  I agree with the description; it’s very pigmented and and rich-looking, and slightly darker than NARS Cruella, which itself is a dark red (see comparison swatch below).   I expected that Nocturne would be a creme – and from my swatches it may look like a creme – but it actually has silver microglitter.  When applied in a standard manner, the microglitter is not very noticeable, but when blotted, it becomes quite visible.

Shiseido RD 607 Nocturne - swatch

Shiseido RD 607 Nocturne

Shisedo RD 607 Nocturne, NARS Cruella - swatches, comparison

Shisedo RD 607 Nocturne, NARS Cruella

The texture of the Laquer Rouge is definitely that of a liquid lipstick rather than a gloss or a stain.  It’s different from any other product I have tried – but I don’t own any other liquid lipsticks.  It goes on easily and smoothly.   The applicator works very well with the product; I didn’t need to use a lip brush on the endges, though I did smooth them out with my fingers.

Here is two coats of Nocturne Laquer Rouge – two coats gives a more glossy look and a deeper color than one coat:

Shisedo RD 607 Nocturne lip swatch
And here is one coat, blotted – I wear most lip products blotted because it decreases the amount they transfer; but I would probably avoid blotting this particular product because of the glitter issue and because it looks so much better above.  You can see some glitter on my upper lip in this photo; it was much more apparent in person.
Because of the texture and color of this particular Laquer Rouge, I expect it to last very well.  I haven’t worn it out yet, so I’m not sure exactly how long it will last. I wore it for two hours, and it looked almost perfect / freshly applied at that point.Overall, I really like the formula and color of the Laquer Rouge liquid lipstick, but I’m disappointed in the amount of glitter it has.  I would consider buying more shades, but only after carefully swatching them to make sure that they aren’t glittery!

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