Revlon Standout Matte Balm Review & Swatches

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Revlon Standout Matte Balm

Revlon Standout Matte Balm

A while back, I reviewed Revon’s matte balm ($8.99 at Ulta) in the shade Shameless.  I was not a fan; I found that it was somewhat patchy and accentuated dry patches.  However, after reading several positive reviews of the matte balms, some of which acknowledged Shameless as poorly performing as compared to the other shades, I decided to try one more shade – and I’m glad I did!

Revlon Standout Matte Balm swatch-3

Revlon Standout

Standout is a matte deep red. It applies as a true red on me; it doesn’t pull pink on me (as many reds do).  The finish is more of a soft matte / modern matte – not stark matte.  I find it comfortable to wear.

It applies smoothly and evenly, and does not accentuate dry patches (YAY!).  It is long lasting and also fades quite evenly – the second photo below, I’ve blotted it down to show what it looks like after a couple hours of wear.

Revlon Standout Matte Balm swatch

Standout – freshly applied

Revlon Standout Matte Balm swatch-2

Standout – blotted down

After my positive experience with this shade, I pulled out Shameless again to test – and it’s still patchy, it still emphasizes any lip imperfections. I do like Shameless as a cream blush though, so it’s not a total loss (just use just a little and blend, it’s quite pigmented). However, there is a world of difference between Standout and Shameless!

Have you tried Revlon’s matte balms? Do you recommend I try (or avoid) any of the other shades?

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  • Glad you’re loving this! I got it a few months ago and it became an instant favourite. Such a stunning, pigmented red 🙂

  • Jaa

    Talk about bold, statement lip color! The formula sounds very promising too! I have a few colors of these balms myself and I really like them. 😀

  • Such a gorgeous red. I have yet to try this shade though.

  • I recommend Sultry! Glad you gave it another try w/ another shade & liked it way better! 🙂

  • I have yet to try any of the matte ones, Standout looks absolutely gorgeous. Can never go wrong with a bold red!