Revlon Orbit and Milky Way Nail Art Moon Candy Review, Swatches, Photos

Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy – Orbit and Milky Way

Revlon recently released a collection of double sided nail polishes – one side is a creme, and the other is a shards of glass type flakie.  I happened upon a full display the other day, and since Revlon was on buy-one-get-one-half-off sale, I bought two: Orbit, a deep purple creme with purple flakies, and Milky Way, a deep grey creme with silver flakies.

The quality of the polish seems inconsistent.  The purple creme in Orbit applied flawlessly. It was smooth and thin, and although it took two coats for perfect opacity, each was even.  However, the flaky in Orbit – while absolutely gorgeous – was a total nightmare to apply. It was lumpy, thick, and jelly-like. Additionally, it WOULD. NOT. DRY. – even with a reliable quick-dry topcoat over it.

Revlon Orbit Moon Candy 

The gray creme in Milky Way applied decently, but not great – the first coat was streaky, but it evened out with a second coat. The flakies in Milky Way applied fairly well – good coverage, and the base was thin enough to apply easily.  I have not yet tried them on my nails, however.

Revlon Milky Way Moon Candy

As you can see, both colors of flakies dry with a bumpy surface.  This is a bit annoying, but not really a problem, as a couple coats of top coat will smooth it out.

I had hoped to wear the Orbit flakies over Illamasqua Collide – a gorgeous neon pink jelly that I have been wearing a lot lately – and I actually tried to make the layered polishes work twice.  However, both times, the flakies never dried, and I ended up destroying the manicure before I was able to take photos of it.   It is a lovely combination though, so I swatched it on a nail wheel in order to photograph it.  It’s even prettier in person, with the shifting colors! I’m disappointed I couldn’t make it work on my hands; maybe I’ll try it a third time when I have the patience to sit still for a very long time.

Revlon Orbit flakies over
Illamasqua Collide

Overall, I can’t recommend these polishes.  Milky Way has a slightly superior formula, but China Glaze Luxe and Lush (from the Hunger Games collection), is far superior for about the same price (or cheaper – it’s on clearance at and similarly inexpensive on Amazon.) Luxe and Lush is not identical – see it here at Vampy Varnish – but it is quite similar.   

I am not aware of any similar polishes to Orbit (though I’m sure they’re out there and I would love to hear about them if they have a better formula!), but the formula is just not worth it for me.  

Have you bought any of the Revlon Moon Candy polishes? Were your experiences similar to mine, or did you have better luck? And do you know of any polishes similar to the Orbit flakies, but with a good formula?


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