Revlon Bare Light Skinlights Review, Swatches, Comparison

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Revlon Skinlights Review

Revlon recently re-released their discontinued popular liquid highlighter / illuminator from the early 2000s, Skinlights, as part of the Photoready line.  There are four shades available – Bare Light (golden), Pink Light (pale pink; there was a tester of this one in the display), Peach Light, and Bronze Light.

The Photoready Skinlights are a thin, easily blendable liquid. The packaging is works fairly well – a squeeze tube means it’s easy to dispense just a little. I recommend putting a drop on the back of your hand and working from there.

It’s a bit difficult to photograph highlighters; hopefully these photos will give you an idea of the texture and type of shimmer.  

First, a focused picture of Bare Light. It’s hard to see it blended out on the right, but it’s there.

Revlon Bare Light Skinlights swatch

Bare Light – dab // mostly unblended swatch // blended swatch

Here’s fuzzy picture of the mostly unblended and blended swatch – you can see the multicolored sparkle much better.

Revlon Bare Light Skinlights swatch-2

Revlon Skinlights

It turns out that I own three other golden-ish liquid highlights – though all three are deluxe samples – so I compared Revlon Skinlights.

revlon skinlights comparison - text

Upper swatch for each is not blended, lower swatch is semi-blended

These are the same swatches, but slightly fuzzy and in full sun to better show the sparkle.

Revlon Skinlights comparison-2

Sun Beam // Bare Light // Sea of Shower // Opal

All four are similar, but the size of the flecks of multicolored sparkle vary just a bit. They’re largest in Benefit Sun Beam, slightly smaller in Rouge Bunny Rouge Sea of Sparkle, even smaller in Revlon Bare Light, and smallest in Becca Opal.

All four work well as highlighters (on the high points of the face) and also as illuminators, either under or mixed into foundation. I’m happy to have the Revlon join the family!