Revlon Baby Sticks Swatches & Initial Thoughts

Revlon Baby Sticks

Sunset // Pink Passion // Tahiti

Revlon has a new collection out called the Pacific Coast Collection by Gucci Westman. The collection includes four new shades of lip butters, four shades of Colorstay polish, a white Colorstay gel eyeliner, two Colorstay eyeshadow quads, and one totally new product – the Baby Sticks, which come in three shades (Sunset, Tahiti, and Pink Passion).  I purchased all three to swatch and review.  Since I just bought them today, this post is swatches and my initial thoughts rather than a full review.

As you can see, the Baby Sticks are packaged in plastic tubes that exactly match the color of the product inside.  The lids snap closed quite securely – I don’t think they would be likely to open in your bag.  The product inside twists up and down easily.  The plastic tube does not have the shade name printed on it, but there is a white adhesive label on the tube itself which has the bar code, ingredients, and shade name. The Baby Sticks were shrinkwrapped (yay for drugstore packaging that shows when it hasn’t been opened!).

It’s hard to tell from the first photo, but the tubes are very small, and there isn’t much product inside (.1oz) – here are two photos with a quarter for perspective.  For perspective, Revlon’s Photoready Cream blush has .44oz, and MAC’s Cremeblend blush has .19oz.

Revlon Baby Sticks - Size Comparison-2 Revlon Baby Sticks - Size Comparison

It’s always hard for me to describe textures – I guess I would call this sort of emollient and waxy.  It blends easily, and leaves a sheen on the skin. It is comfortable on the lips, but quite different from the texture of most lipsticks and balms, though closer to a waxy balm than anything else. I did not detect any smell or taste, but I have a cold right now and there may be a scent I am just missing!

Now to the potential problem with these: they are sheer. Really, really sheer. Here are one-swipe swatches of all three shades, done with medium pressure.

Revlon Sunset Pink Passion Tahiti Baby Stick Swatches-2

One swipe each: Sunset // Pink Passion // Tahiti

Here are VERY heavy swatches; these are about 15-20 swipes done with heavy pressure. It would not be possible to wear these like this – it’s just too much product; I swatched them like this so you could better see the color of the Baby Sticks.

Revlon Sunset Pink Passion Tahiti Baby Stick Swatches

15 – 20 swipes each: Sunset // Pink Passion // Tahiti

As you can see, Pink Passion is the most pigmented.  I can definitely see it working as blush on those with fair skin, and it might work on those with medium skin who prefer sheer blush.  Sunset may work on those with fair skin who prefer sheer blush.  I don’t see Tahiti working on anyone – it’s so so sheer that it’s almost clear.

Since these are meant for the cheeks & lips, I also did lip swatches. In each set, the top photo is my lips with no product, and the lower photo is with the Baby Stick applied.

Revlon Tahitian Baby Stick Swatch


I can’t see Tahitian on my lips – maybe just a hint of shine.

Revlon Sunset Baby Stick Swatch


Sunset adds a hint of color.

Revlon Pink Passion Baby Stick Swatch

Pink Passion

And Pink Passion works very well on the lips; it looks and feels similar to a tinted balm.

So, overall, I am a bit disappointed in the Baby Sticks. I love cream blush, and I love multipurpose lip/cheek products, but I really prefer a more opaque product I can sheer out (or even a sheer product I can build!) to a product like this, which is sheer and not very buildable.  I’ll play with them some more, and update this review if my thoughts change.

If you prefer a more intensely colored product, I would skip these.  If you’re okay with something sheer, I would tentatively recommend checking out Pink Passion – the pigmentation level of that one in particular is really quite reasonable, and the texture (as a first impression) seems very nice.  I suggest that everyone skip Tahiti – it’s just too sheer to be workable – and I’m still on the fence about Sunset.

I hope these swatches were helpful – after seeing this, are you interested in the Baby Sticks?

  • skipping

  • Bellyhead

    These are probably too sheer for my liking! 🙁

  • Aaaaw, these are so cute! Too bad about the colour pay-off, they could be so much more. I always feel so sad when they make a product like this and they kinda miss all the potential. Doesn’t NYX do something like these too but way better? Thanks for the honest review Emi! ^^

  • Nikki

    I was interested in these when I heard about them but after seeing your swatches, I’m gonna pass. Cute idea though!

  • Hollie

    I’ve been so anxious to get my hands on these after all of the hype that Revlon been dishing out. I will be checking out Pink Passion.

    Thank you for an honest review. I am a bit saddened by the sheerness..nonetheless a fun drugstore product that I want to try!

  • elizabeth

    Wow, how disappointing! I really can’t get over how little product there is. Thanks for the swatches!

  • Harlowrose

    I don’t understand Revlon these days. It seems like they spend more money on lip products and advertising than anything else.

  • kiran

    They’re too sheer for me…pass

  • Chanel

    I was considering buying these after seeing the Gucci Westman ‘looks’ that incorporate these products, but these are just TOO sheer. Thank you for saving me some money!