Project Swatch #25: Matte Brown Eyeshadow Comparison, Swatches, Photos

Today, I’m swatching all of my matte browns for you! I’m going with the matte browns because I have so many brown/copper/bronze/neutral eyeshadows that it’s hard to figure out how to separate them all out. Separating out the matte browns is an easy distinction. As always, I swatch without primer.

Inglot 342 is a really lovely almost-taupe medium brown. Like all my Inglot eyeshadows, it’s soft, silky, and pigmented – and not even a tiny bit chalky. I bet this would make a fantastic eyebrow color for someone who has lighter brows than I do.

Urban Decay Naked, from the Naked Palette, is a very pale light brown, verging on cream. It’s also soft and smooth.  It’s relatively close to my skin color, so I use it to blend out the edges of my eyeshadow fairly frequently.

Urban Decay Buck, from the Naked Palette, is a basic medium-light brown.  My swatch doesn’t look that great, but I’ve never had any trouble with this shade – it’s also very good quality, soft and pigmented.  I don’t use this shadow much, as it’s not a particularly exciting or flattering shade on me; for my neutral looks, I tend to reach for something more bronze or taupe.


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