Project Swatch #19: Liquid Foundation Comparison, Swatches

I’m going to do my liquid foundation comparison & swatches a little bit differently – I’ll show you how these look actually applied to my skin. I have three different liquid foundations to showcase today (but two shades of one, which I’m currently mixing together).

bare skin

First off, here’s my bare skin. AS you can see, I have some redness, and a red spot on my chin from a zit that’s beginning to heal. My chin is the area of my face with the worst skin, so I usually apply foundation full-strength to it, than blend sheerly over the rest of my face.

Bourjois Healthy Mix

Bourjois Healthy (I’m wearing 52 Vanilla) mix has a pleasant, fruity scent. It’s a little bit pink for me, and it has a good level of coverage – you can still see the red spot, which is fine by me – I don’t want full coverage foundation, and there’s always concealer. It comes in a pump bottle, which is ideal. I’m not sure how well this lasts, because I haven’t worn it out much – it’s nice, but I just prefer MUFE for some reason.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer

I really like Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. I’m wearing Bisque, in the oil free version. It’s a tiny bit dark for me right now, but it’s perfect during the summer, which is when I want tinted moisturizer anyway. This wears very well for me, and I really like the level of coverage, which I think is more like a very light foundation than a tinted moisturizer. The one downside is that this very much smells like sunscreen to me.

MUFE HD Foundation

MUFE HD is my favorite foundation. I’m 117 in the winter and 120 in the summer. After traveling over Christmas, I’m mixing both shades together right now. I really, really love this – I can build it up for more coverage and easily sheer it out for less. It photographs beautifully, but looks natural in person too. It seems to last very well (and I never bother with primer).  It matches my skintone really well.


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