Physician’s Formula Youthful Wear Spotless Rollerball Concealer Quick Review & Swatches

Purchased – Affiliate Links PF Spotless concealer I’ve been wanting to try a rollerball-type concealer for a while now, but given that I have plenty of concealer and minimal undereye circles, I couldn’t justify the $10+ price tag on most of the popular ones. The concealer I’m reviewing today (awkwardly named the Youthful Wear Cosmeceutical Youth Boosting Spotless Concealer SPF 15) actually retails for around $13, but between a 40% off sale and a $3 off coupon, I managed to snag it for a bit under $5.

PF Spotless concealer-2

The packaging of the concealer is ugly (in my opinion only, of course), but well designed – you turn the bottom of the tube 2-3 times to release product, and then use the metal rollerball to apply it.  Thus far, I’ve never had too much or too little product come out of the rollerball – it’s always just right.

I think the main attraction of rollerball type concealers is that they are cooling and soothing, and I love that about this one.  The concealer itself is thin in texture, moderately moisturizing, and low to medium coverage – this works for me, since I don’t need much coverage under my eyes. If you have darker circles, I don’t think this will cut it.

pf rollerball concealer before after

PF Concealer – before & after

Above, I have a heavy swatch on the left of both the upper and lower photos. On the right side, the upper photo has no makeup and the lower photo has the Spotless concealer blended out over my freckle and vein. As you can see, it makes them slightly less obvious – but by no means invisible.

 Overall, I’d recommend this concealer for those with mild undereye circles, especially if you can get it on sale. If you have dark circles you want to cover up, skip it – you’ll need something more opaque.

Have you tried a rollerball style concealer? What do you think about them?
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  • amber raaf

    i actually really love the Garnier skin renew tinted anti dark circle roller ball thing, it is in the skin care isle. It is very thin in consistency and very peach toned, which works great for my under eye personally.The only bad thing is that it seriously lasts FOREVER so if you like to try new things or are really strict on throwing out things after a certain date, you will have to throw that bad boy away with some product left.

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