OCC Power Plant Lip Tar Review, Swatches, and Mixing!

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OCC Power Plant Lip Tar

At first glance, OCC’s brand new lip tar, Power Plant, does not look even remotely wearable. A shimmery pale green? What am I going to do with that? However, after playing with it, I am very happy to have it in my stash; not to wear alone, but to mix.

Although I’ve tried – and swatched – many of OCC’s creme-finish lip tars, Power Plant was my first experience with OCC’s new metallic lip tar formula.  Like the creme finish lip tars, it has a peppermint scent (but no uncomfortable tingle on the lips), and like the creme finish lip tars, only a tiny amount should be used, or else the lip tar will feather and/or smear.

From a skin swatch, I had no idea what it would look like on the lips:

OCC Power Plant Lip Tar Swatch

It turns out that alone, it looks – well – pretty bad. Not really wearable or flattering at all, even for most people who like nonstandard colors.  It looks frosty and cancels out some of my natural lip color for a very unflattering look.  I can imagine it being used quite effectively for an editorial look, however!

OCC Power Plant Lip Tar Swatch-2

OCC Power Plant

But, then I tried mixing it. First, I grabbed the nearest lip tar, which happened to be Radiate – perhaps my favorite of the lip tars I own.

OCC Radiate Swatch

OCC Radiate

I mixed them, and was surprised to find that almost-neon coral red plus metallic green makes a not-shimmery, dimensional rosy neutral.

OCC Lip Tar Radiate Power Plant Swatches

Radiate // Radiate + Power Plant // Power Plant

The mixture here has a little bit too much Power Plant, so you can see a bit of a green highlight, but you get the idea.

OCC Lip Tar Swatch - Mixed

Radiate + Power Plant = Surprise!

I was astonished by this gorgeous result; I guess I don’t understand color theory very well!

Here are some other creations using Power Plant lip tar:

OCC Lip Tar Sleek Pout Paint Mixes

Sleek Pinkini // Pinkini + Power Plant // OCC Power Plant

I believe Sleek Pinkini Pout Paint is somewhat similar to OCC Anime Lip Tar.

OCC Lip Tar Sleek Pout Paint Mixes

Sleek Pin Up // Pin Up + Power Plant // OCC Power Plant

I believe Sleek Pin Up is very similar to OCC NSFW Lip Tar.

Power Plant lip tar, as well as the matching Power Plant nail polish (which I swatched here) are supposed to be exclusive to Sephora.com; however, I’ve heard that the lip tar has been spotted in-store at Sephora.

*I received Power Plant lip tar courtesy of OCC and The Makeup Show. I purchased the other products in this post. This post contains affiliate links. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.

  • Margo@PrettyPandaMakeup

    Your mixing skills are awesome, and I had doubts after seeing the first swatch. But this is one of those that can go with anything. Cool

  • thanks for doing mixes to swatch. i really more curious about how the lip tars mix together to create idfferent colors.

  • very cool how this shade affects others….it’s like a secret weapon, haha!

  • Neat!!!!!! I don’t own any Lip Tars yet but I really want to try one. This is pretty freakin’ cool Emi, love the effects!

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