NYX Licorice Butter Lipstick and Devil’s Food Cake Butter Gloss Review & Swatches

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NYX Licorice Butter Lipstick - NYX Devil's Food Cake Butter Gloss

 After I posted my IMATS purchases, I got a few comments asking for swatches of the NYX Butter Lipstick & Butter Gloss.  NYX released the Butter Gloss ($4.99, Ulta) a couple years ago, and due to it’s popularity released Butter Lip Balm ($3.99, Ulta), and now there’s a Butter Lipstick ($5.99, Ulta) and more shades of the gloss.

I have a very mixed relationship with NYX products – find all my NYX reviews here – but I really like the Butter Glosses and can see why they’re so popular – smooth, non-sticky, and reasonably moisturizing. I also have one Butter Lip Balm, Biscotti, and while it’s a nice my-lips-but-better color, I find the texture a little stiff and don’t find it particularly moisturizing.

NYX Licorice Butter Lipstick Devils Food Cake Butter Gloss swatches

Licorice Butter Lipstick // Devils Food Cake Butter Gloss

As you can see, I semi-inadvertently bought matching lipstick and lipgloss shades. I didn’t particularly try to do this, but I did realize at the time of purchase that they would be similar. As it turns out, this is great – they work better layered than they do alone.

NYX Licorice Butter Lipstick swatch

Licorice Butter Lipstick

Licorice Butter Lipstick is a really gorgeous color, semi-vampy and semi-bright. Unfortunately, it caught on any visible – and some invisible – flakes on my lips, so I’ll only be wearing it alone at full strength when my lips are in perfect shape. I do like how the texture feels – very smooth and creamy but not slippery or greasy.

NYX Devils Food Cake Butter Gloss swatch

Devil’s Food Cake Butter Gloss

Devil’s Food Cake applies fairly well for such a deep shade. It does settle into lip lines a little bit, but using just a little and smoothing it out with a finger, as I’ve done in the photo, helps. I love this type of color, and I see myself using this gloss frequently in the future.

My favorite way to wear these products, however, is layered. I apply the lipstick, then blot it down to a stain using a tissue.  This avoids any unevenness.  Then, I apply a thin layer of gloss.  The lipstick prevents the gloss from settling into lip lines, and the gloss keeps the lipstick-as-stain comfortable to wear and deepens the color. I don’t have a photo of this combination, but I’ll try to get one posted.

I also thought I’d swatch all the Butter Glosses I have for you. Devil’s Food Cake is the only new shade, and all four shades are permanent.

NYX Butter Gloss Swatches

Devil’s Food Cake // Cherry Pie // Cherry Cheesecake // Maple Blondie

You can see that Devil’s Food Cake settles into the lines on my hand the most.  Cherry Pie does a little, but in practice I don’t notice it on my lips. I actually haven’t worn Cherry Cheesecake or Maple Blondie yet – I bought them during the big NYX holiday sale, and I’m just now catching up on those purchases now.

See anything you like?

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  • Stephanie Alipio

    Ooooooo gosh, both of those colors are SO PRETTY! I’ll definitely have to find this 😀

  • Icequeen81

    you know I will like this shade