NYC Sparkle Eye Dust Review & Swatches

NYC Sparkle Eye Dust

NYC has recently added some new products to its lineup, and when I initially saw these Sparkle Eye Dusts, I thought they were new.  However, I soon realized that they weren’t a new product – this is the old product, and it will be familiar to you if you’ve examined an NYC display before:

nyc sparkle eye dust - old packaging

I believe that all (or most) of the previously available colors are still available, and some new colors were added to the lineup. These are the currently available colors, as listed on the NYC website:

NYC Sparkle Eye Dust Color List

The new packaging is a tube with a doe-foot applicator. I found that it wasn’t possible to use the applicator directly on my eye – there was WAY too much fallout all over my face.  Instead, I used the doe foot applicator to tap some shadow on to the back of my hand, then applied from there. Here’s a close up of the applicator.

NYC Sparkle Eye Dust - new packaging - applicator

I purchased the shade Smokey Topaz, which is one of the original shades – I probably would have picked up one of the new shades if I had realized this, oh well! Smokey Topaz is a really lovely shade though – sort of a mauve taupe with a lovely shimmery (but not frosty!) finish.

NYC Sparkle Eye Dust - smokey topaz

NYC Sparkle Eye Dust smokey topaz swatch

Natural light // with flash

Since this is a loose shadow, you could also use it wet, but it’s very pigmented dry.  I think it must have some type of binder in it, because it adheres to skin quite well without any base at all (as in the hand swatch above).  I tested it out on my eyes, and it applied well just over eyeshadow primer (no sticky base like Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxie was needed).  There was some fallout during application, but none during the day.

Finally, here’s a display shot – this is from CVS, which is the only place I’ve seen the new packaging – the Rite Aids in my area all still have the old displays with the old packaging. As you can see, this CVS doesn’t have all the colors listed on the NYC website.

NYC Sparkle Eye Dust Display

Overall, I really liked the NYC Sparkle Eye Dust shadow – enough that I’m definitely going to go back for more! I found the packaging fairly convenient.  I did need to tap on to the back of my hand to apply, but the packaging prevented spills, which is great. The quality of the shadow is also very nice – pigmented, smooth and adheres well. A great, inexpensive choice!

  • Icequeen81

    golden champagne seems a great shade

  • It’s great to know there’s no subsequent fallout, and that it applies so easily! Does seem like a great, pigmented shade too!

  • I actually have the old version. It’s been a while since I’ve used it. But I think the packaging has definitely improved! Smokey Topaz is a really nice shade, thanks for the swatch. 🙂

  • I thought these were new too, so I almost picked one up. Maybe I’ll go ahead and try a few. I don’t like the packaging though. I wonder if you could pop out that plastic piece and just stick a brush directly in there? Or just transfer the entire contents to another container, maybe.

  • waymire

    I saw another review today.. and she said it was impossible to open the container and pull out the applicator without shadow flying everywhere.. did you have that problem? I don’t mind getting creative with the application, but I can’t stand a mess every time I open it. The shadow she had was the same you reviewed.. and it’s really beautiful. I have also considered repotting it into a small container if it’s current packaging really is problematic.

    • I didn’t have that problem, but given the packaging, I’m not surprised that happened, either. Perhaps hers had a manufacturing defect, she pulled out the applicator at a different angle or something else along those lines?

  • Oooh hello!! Color is *gorgeous* but I see what you mean by the packaging–that wasn’t a very good idea 😛