MUA Shade 1, 8 Lipstick Swatch & Quick Review

MUA Lipstick; Shade 1, Shade 8

MUA Lipstick; Shade 1, Shade 8

Continuing on with the MUA quick reviews, I have the £1 lipsticks in Shade 1, a saturated bold red, and Shade 8, a brighter red with gold flecks. These are smooth and pigmented lipsticks, and although I haven’t had a chance to test them for wear myself, I’ve heard good things about them! I have heard that they’re slightly drying though – which isn’t something that usually bothers me, as I’d prefer a long-wearing slightly drying lipstick over a short-wearing moisturizing one.  All of the following swatches are in natural light.

MUA Shade 1 // MUA Shade 8 swatch

MUA Shade 1 // MUA Shade 8

MUA Shade 1 lip swatch

MUA Shade 1

MUA Shade 8 lip swatch

MUA Shade 8

Shade 1 is definitely my favorite of these two – I love the intensity of the red! Many reds pull pink on me, but this doesn’t at all.  I’m not generally a fan of frosty or shimmery lipsticks, so I was pretty skeptical about Shade 8 – but it actually has small flecks of glitter, which I prefer to shimmer.  The red is much less saturated, so it’s not a personal favorite, but it’s more easily wearable for those who shy away from bolder reds.
Overall, these are great lipsticks at an affordable price, and I can definitely understand why they are so popular in the UK! I wouldn’t hesitate to buy more shades.