Matte Black Eyeshadow Comparison – Swatch of The Day

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best matte black eyeshadow -  comparison swatches

See labeled photos below for shade names

Looking for the best matte black eyeshadow? For today’s swatch of the day, I have a comparison of all my matte (including two nearly matte) black eyeshadows.

matte black eyeshadow comparison swatches

1.  From the Lorac Pro Palette – a fantastic palette, but quite a sheer black.

2.  From the now-discontinued Wet n Wild Greed Palette, which is a long-time favorite of mine. This black is fantastic – it’s my general go to when I need a black eyeshadow.

3.  Wet n Wild Panther – the mattel black WnW single.  This is a good quality black single eyeshadow for $2, and I would recommend this one if you’re looking for a black.

4.  From Wet n Wild’s limited edition Matte Palette (mine is Drinking a Glass of Shine; it’s also been released as the I Heart Matte Palette).  This seems to be the same formula as Panther. It’s almost, but not quite, matte – there’s a tiny bit of shimmer which you can’t really see in photographs.

5.  Milani Pitch Black single eyeshadow – this is a great, very pigmented black, but it’s very soft – it crumbled a little when I swatched it, and I think half the ones I’ve seen in-store have been shattered.

matte black eyeshadow comparison -004

6. From the Sleek Original Palette – this shadow is very hard, and the payoff is not very great. Useable, but not a great shadow.

7.  From the Illamasqua Neutral Palette, which I love – this is a great black, very smooth and neither too soft nor too hard.  It’s also available as a single directly from Illamasqua, but Sephora (which carries some Illamasqua single eyeshadows), does not carry this shade.

8.  Urban Decay Blackout – available as a single eyeshadow, though mine is from the limited edition 15th Anniversary Palette.  Not recommended – sheer and does not blend easily – not worth the price when there are better, cheaper, alternatives.

9.  Makeup Geek Corrupt – just look at the swatch! This shadow has a matte base with some sparkle.  It is fairly soft and has a lot of fallout, but may be worth it to you for the intense blackness – nothing else comes close.

What’s your favorite matte black eyeshadow?

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  • Bellyhead

    Holy moly! Greed and Corrupt look incredible!

  • waymire

    I know black shadow is a staple for a lot of people, but I honestly never use it. Maybe it’s because of my art background.. I was taught never to use straight black because it’s so flat and lifeless. The comparison was really helpful though.. just goes to show the big names aren’t automatically better.

  • Great swatches! I think my favorite matte black shadow is from my Sleek palette! Such a true black!

  • Marieke

    My favourite is one from a Sleek palette, I think it’s the Oh So Special one that I use most. There’s a difference in quality.. Black is not just black 😉

  • Wow I know Panther and the Sleek shadow are SUPER pigmented blacks, so I can’t believe how dark the MUG shadow looks in comparison. That is pretty amazing!

  • imastermakeup

    I would love to see these swatches made with a brush, because with the fingers is one thing and in the lid full of wrinkles and a brush is another thing. MUG seems to be the blackest anyway!