Fyrinnae Isis & Dragon’s Blood Lip Lustre Review & Swatches

Fyrinnae Dragon's Blood Isis Lip Lustre-2

Dragon’s Blood // Isis

A few months ago, I purchased several Fyrinnae eyeshadows – which I love – and also decided to try out two of their lip lustres. The lip lustres are marketed as “a non-sticky lipcolour, leaving rich colour on your lips but no goopy tackiness”. They cost $7 for a full size (8ml) or $2 for a trial size (1.5ml); I bought two trial sizes, and there is a note that the trial size applicator is inferior to the full size product’s applicator.

Fyrinnae Dragon's Blood Isis Lip Lustre Swatches-2

Dragon’s Blood // Isis

Fyrinnae Dragon's Blood Isis Lip Lustre Swatches

Dragon’s Blood // Isis – with flash and slightly blurred

Dragon’s Blood is a really gorgeous deep, true red. It has a fairly liquid texture – it almost feels oily to me, and it feathered and bleed outside my lip line noticeably when I applied it. This is quite unusual for me – almost no lip products feather on me. I was able to prevent feathering by applying it as a stain to the edge of my lips, then applying some additional product on the center of my lips, but not going to edges, which is how I’m wearing it in the swatch below.

Fyrinnae Dragon's Blood Lip Lustre Swatch

Dragon’s Blood

I also tried it out over lip pencil; again, I didn’t go quite to the edges of my lips with the lip lustre in order to prevent feathering. I really love the color of this, but I do not like the texture of it.

Fyrinnae Dragon's Blood Lip Lustre Swatch - layered

Dragon’s Blood over lip pencil

Isis is a shimmering gold.  It has a totally different texture — it’s quite “dry,” in that it’s not liquid-y, but does not feel drying on the lips at all. I found it quite comfortable to wear.  I definitely prefer the texture of Isis. I think Isis may have a texture more typical of the lip lustres, because Fyrinnae describes them as having a dry texture (though with moisturizing ingredients).

Fyrinnae Isis Lip Lustre Swatch



Overall, I can’t recommend Dragon’s Blood – there are way too many excellent red lipsticks that don’t bleed to buy one that does.  If you’re looking for a gold lip product, I do recommend Isis; the texture is nice, and this type of semi-opaque gold lipstick is difficult to find.

And as for the lip lustre product in general? I guess I will need to try another shade or two to determine if the Dragon’s Blood texture is more common, or the Isis texture is more common.  Do note that Fyrinnae describes the texture of the lip lustres as dry, which suggests that the Isis-like texture is standard.  The next time I place a Fyrinnae order, I think I’ll order another trial size or two and see how it goes.

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