Flower Cosmetics Elegant Azalea Win Some Rouge Some Creme Blush: Review & Swatches

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Flower Elegant Azalea Creme Blush

I purchased two items from the new(ish) Flower by Drew Barrymore line (available available exclusively at Walmart, online and in some stores).   Earlier today, I reviewed the Color Play Creme Eyeshadow in Time Willow Tell, which I did not like – but you win some and you lose some, and this Win Some Rouge Some Creme Blush is a definite hit!  (Okay that was terrible of me.)

Again, I’m not a fan of Flower’s packaging; the white plastic looks cheap and tacky to me, and I really wish they had printed the shade names on the actual packaging rather than on just the peel-off labels.

Flower Elegant Azalea Creme Blush Flower Elegant Azalea Creme Blush

Most – or perhaps all – of the other cream/creme blushes I own are true creams, but this Flower blush is a cream-to-powder formula. The texture is sort of silky and powdery, but also creamy, if that makes any sense – and it definitely dries down to a powder finish.  It is incredibly pigmented (the heavier swatch below is just one swipe!) but also extremely blendable, so it’s easy to apply anything from the sheerest layer on up.

Flower Elegant Azalea Creme Blush Swatch

Elegant Azalea – heavy swatch, blended swatch

I chose the shade Elegant Azalea, which is a bright coral-pink with a matte finish; no shimmer or sparkle at all (my swatch photo came out oddly and it sort of looks like there is shimmer; there definitely is not any).

Overall, I love this blush. It’s a great color and a great texture. I love that it’s so blendable and so easy to apply a sheer layer, yet also so easy to build up more intense color. I would absolutely recommend this product, and I’m considering picking up more shades!

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  • Wow – strong pigmentation AND blendability? Sounds amazing, especially for the price. I agree the packaging isn’t that nice looking, although the rose gold is a lovely color. I would probably just depot it and don’t actually care much about packaging anyway though. I’ve got to check out Flower

  • Kristen @ glambunctious

    I think at some point Im going to have to journey into Wally World and have a look at this line. I do love Drew and I do love makeup.! Thanks for the review and swatches goodness! 🙂

  • Margo@ PrettyPandaMakeup

    Gorgeous blush, waayy tacky packaging. BUT, I can always depot!