Essence Beauty Beats (Justin Bieber) Collection Blush & Highlighter Review, Swatches

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Essence Beauty Beats collection

Essence releases a ton of collections is some countries, but just a few in the the US. They recently released a Justin Bieber themed collection called Beauty Beats. I am not a Bieber fan (Baby is catchy, I guess? I can’t name any of his other songs), but I am an Essence fan, so I bought three items – the blush, highlighter, and one of the glosses. Unfortunately, I seem to have misplaced the gloss in my recent move, so I don’t have swatches of it today. It’s pretty much clear with sparkles, though – not the most exciting thing to swatch, though it looks great (and green!) in the tube. I do have this picture from my Instagram which includes the gloss.

The blush is named Groupie at Heart, and is a gorgeous watermelon pink. It is imprinted with the word boyfriend – I have absolutely no idea why – and it blends easily, but does kick up some powder.  It has a really lovely almost-satin finish – it’s basically matte, but not a flat matte. I would highly recommend this if you can find it – and at around $3, it’s a total steal.

Essence Beauty Beats 2-2

Essence Groupie At Heart

Essence Beauty Beats Groupie At Heart blush swatch

Essence Groupie At Heart: unblended // blended

The highlighter is named Swaaag and imprinted with the word swag. Again, no idea why.  I was very excited about it because it looks gorgeous in the pan, but I was disappointed to find out that it has large flecks of glitter in it. If it didn’t have the glitter, it would be great – the texture is nice and I like the soft shimmer – but as is, I don’t find it useable as a highlighter for me.

Essence Beauty Beats 2

Essence Swaag

Essence Beauty Beats Swaaag highlighter swatch

Essence Swaaag in natural light: unblended // blended

Essence Beauty Beats Swaaag highlighter swatch-2

Essence Swaaag with blur to show sparkle: unblended // blended

In my region of the US., Essence is only available at Ulta. I am jealous of those of you who have access to more of Essence’s collections!

  • Oh hey, THAT BLUSH! I’m not sure if this is available here. I suppose I’ll have to look around. The problem is the Essence displays are often picked CLEAN really fast, and I suppose this collaboration is even more popular than usual 😉

  • Bellyhead

    Baby Baby…OH!

    Ugh. Stupid Beiber stuck in my head again.

    I would like to wring his little neck, but the blush looks INCREDIBLE.

  • Icequeen81

    both pretty shades, essence isn’t available in the dutch Antilles at all

  • BooBooNinja

    The blush stood out for me. Too bad the remaining one had been opened and swatched. I like the sleek black packaging. I wish they’d keep it and phase out the clear plastic, which looks cheap to me. However, at their price point I shouldn’t complain.

    • BooBooNinja

      I’m rereading my comment. I sound like a robot. It’s what happens when I comment via a smartphone. 😛

  • Lygophilia

    I bought these too and love them!! Thanks for the review and swatches!

  • Hi Amy 🙂
    Honestly, this collection bothers me less than his fragrances. *ugh*
    And, the blush is truly gorgeous! Love the finish. 🙂