Cover Girl Outlast Glosstini Mini Nail Polish Review & Swatches

Covergirl Outlast Glosstini Mini Nail Polish

Blue Hawaiian // Bahama Mama // Oasis Orange

Covergirl has just released many new products, and the first one I have a review of are the Outlast Stay Brilliant Glosstinis, which are mini nail polishes.  First, a size comparison with the regular Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail polishes:

Cover Girl Outlast Glosstini size comparison

The regular Outlast polishes are on the small side, at only 11ml.  Polish sizes vary, but here are some examples for reference:

Orly: 18ml
OPI, Zoya, Sinful Colors: 15ml
China Glaze: 14ml
WnW Megalast & Fast Dry: 13.5ml
Covergirl Outlast: 11ml
Zoya mini: 7.5ml
Maybelline Colorshow, Color Club mini: 7ml
Essie mini: 5ml
OPI mini: 3.75 ml
Covergirl Glosstini: 3.5ml

I think this demonstrates how very tiny the Covergirl Glosstinis are! And, as a side note – I hadn’t realized how small the Maybelline Colorshow polishes were; the bottles don’t look tiny, but they really don’t hold much polish at all.  Prices generally vary by region, but at my CVS they were $3.79 for one or $3.33 if you bought three or more.

I have six of the regular Outlast polishes and all are good quality.  I expected these polishes to be the same (just in smaller bottles), but I was disappointed to find that both of the creme finish polishes I bought, Blue Hawaiian and Oasis Orange, were thick, streaky, difficult to work with, and somehow managed to be sheer on the nail at the same time.  Bahama Mama, which has silver shimmer, had a thinner consistency and was easier to work with, but was still a bit streaky and sheer.

Covergirl Glosstini Blue Hawaiian Bahama Mama Oasis Orange Swatches

Blue Hawaiian // Bahama Mama // Oasis Orange

Two thick coats look fine on swatch sticks, but on my nail, the polishes did not work well. Here’s three coats of Oasis Orange:

Covergirl Glosstini Oasis Orange Swatch

Oasis Orange – three coats

If you look carefully, you can see that it’s streaky and uneven.  Note that it’s still somewhat wet in the picture – I was too impatient to let three coats dry fully, and I knew I wasn’t going to keep it on my nails due to the streakiness.  I’m willing to put up with a difficult formula for a really great color (especially at a great price), but I have half a dozen orange cremes and a couple of them have perfect one-coat formulas as well.

I don’t have nail swatches of the other two at the moment, but the performance of Blue Hawaiian was identical to Oasis Orange. Bahama Mama was much better – it was easier to apply and looked good after three coats.

So, overall, I’d recommend staying with Covergirl’s regular Outlast polish line; the formula and the brush seem more consistent and better, and it’s a better value as well.  I reswatched my Outlast polishes to double check that the formula of all of them is good (and it is) – so here are those swatches as a bonus!

Covergirl Outlast Nail Polish Swatches

285 mint mojito // 235 bronze beauty // 280 amethyst // 210 non-stop stone //
130 natural blush // 185 forever festive
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