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Maybelline A Plum Prospect Color Whisper Lipstick Review & Swatches

Maybelline Color Whisper - A Plum Prospect

Maybelline Color Whisper – A Plum Prospect

I recently found a display of Maybelline’s answer to the Revlon Lip Butters and L’oreal Le Balms – the new Color Whisper lipstick.  These are supposed to be a translucent gel lip color with a “kiss of shine.”

Packaging wise, these are very similar to both the Revlon Lip Butters and the L’oreal Le Balms – a slim metal tube with a colored plastic cap that goes over the entire tube.  It’s not my favorite packaging style aesthetically, but it works.

Maybelline A Plum Prospect swatch

Maybelline A Plum Prospect
one swipe / 3 swipes

Maybelline A Plum Prospect Color Whisper lip swatch

Maybelline A Plum Prospect Color

I’m not quite sure how to describe the color of A Plum Prospect. Perhaps a pinky-purple?  I do like the color.   The finish is exactly as Maybelline describes – sheer, with some shine.

In terms of texture, the Color Whisper lipstick feels more oily (though not unpleasant!) and thinner than the Revlon lip butters, which feel a bit thicker and more like a traditional lipstick.    Note that although I couldn’t find the Color Whisper ingredients, the Maybelline website says that it is made without waxes or oils – so I’m not sure what causes the oil-like feel. Perhaps it is typical of gel lip colors; I think this is the first one I’ve tried.

Wear is typical for a sheer, non-staining lip product – I get a couple hours if I don’t snack, but it wears of quite quickly with food.  On me, the Color Whisper lipstick is not moisturizing or drying.

If you’ve tried these & the other drugstore sheer lipsticks, which do you prefer? And if you haven’t, will you be giving these a try?


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Lipstick Queen Medieval Tinted Lip Treatment Review & Swatches

I had been wanting Poppy King’s Lipstick Queen Medieval Tinted Lip Treatment, a sheer lipstick, for quite a while when I spotted it in a blog sale – you better believe I snapped it right up! If you are not lucky enough to find it on a blogsale, it’s available for $20 at (by the way, this gift with purchase from is kind of amazing; I’m tempted make an order just to get it!).

I really like Medieval’s packaging; it’s brushed metal, and is light but substantial.  Due to the color, it’s also quite easy to spot among my other lipsticks.  It does not hold fingerprints.

Poppy King Medieval - swatch

multiple swipes // one swipe

Medieval is definitely sheer – I’m glad that it’s marketed as a tinted lip treatment rather than a lipstick, as that’s much more accurate. Above, the left swatch is about 4-5 swipes, and the right swatch is one swipe.  The color is definitely buildable, but only to a certain extent – it’s never going to be opaque, or even close.

I would describe the color as a sheer red.  It does look a bit pink on my lips, but many (if not most!) reds do pull pink on me; additionally, the photo makes it look a touch more pink that in looks in person.  I think this would be more of a true red on almost anyone.

The texture is very nice – it’s sheer and glossy, and makes my lips look full and healthy.  The effect reminds me of the Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatments; however, bullet of Medieval is firmer (and more lipstick like) than the Fresh Sugar balms, which are much softer (and more balm like).  Medieval is not particularly similar to any of the Fresh Sugar colors – it is much more of a true red.

Overall, I would recommend Medieval Tinted Lip Treatment if you’re looking for a good quality sheer lipstick; it’s excellent quality for what it is.  If you’re looking for something more opaque, or something more balmy, however, look elsewhere – that’s just not what this product is meant to do.

L’Oreal USA Rouge Caresse Lipsticks Review, Swatches, Photos

As you may know, L’Oreal has released a new-to-the-US line of lipsticks, the Rouge Caresse lipsticks.  The UK has had these for a while now. As far as I know, the only place where these are available so far is Target.  Although my Target’s display was nearly empty, I did manage to find three shades that I wanted enough to purchase! Since one of my local Targets actually has labeled testers of many (though not all) lip products, I was also able to swatch two additional shades for you.

The Rouge Caresse lipsticks have been compared to Revlon’s lip butters, but they have a significantly different texture and color payoff in my opinion. The lip butters are firmer, feel like a sheer lipstick, and are much more pigmented. The Rouge Caresse lipsticks are more balm-like, softer, more moisturizing, and are more sheer.  I haven’t used the Rouge Caresse lipsticks enough to have a preference yet between the two. Actually, I think my favorite sheer lipstick formula of the moment is actually the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains – I’ve been wearing Romantic every day lately!

Back to the Caresse lipsticks: I bought three shades – 167 Sunset Angora, a soft pink, 179 Cherry Tulle, a sheer red that reads more berry on me, and 181 Sheer Linen, a soft nude.

L’Oreal Caresse Sunset Angora, Cherry Tulle, Sheer Linen

As you can see, the Caresse lipsticks are packaged in slimline tubes, but in a normal lipstick-sized gold case.  The packaging is fine; it’s quite lightweight (not luxe), but is functional and reasonably attractive. My one gripe is that these have only a small sticky label holding them closed, which makes it easy for people to open them in-store, difficult to tell if they’ve been opened, and leaves a bit of sticky residue.  I much prefer shrinkwrapping as packaging, as it deters people from opening, makes it obvious when items have been opened, and doesn’t harm the packaging.

L’Oreal Caresse Sunset Angora, Cherry Tulle, Sheer Linen

As you can see, these are sheer – and meant to be sheer.  They really remind me of a tinted balm in feel – they are very soft and slightly glossy.  They do all show up on me, even the nude – but would certainly be more apparent on someone with less pigmented lips.  The below lip swatches are generously applied.

bare lips

Sunset Angora

Cherry Tulle
Sheer Linen

The one downside is wear time – due to the nature of the product, these simply don’t wear for very long on me. After an hour of wearing Cherry Tulle, I had a little color and no glossiness left.   Your specific wear time may vary, but these are going to be a fairly short-wearing product on anyone as contrasted with a more opaque lipstick.

As mentioned above, since my Target has testers (proof!), I also have swatches two more colors: 178 Cardinal Plume and 177 Fiery Veil. Please note that these photos were taken in Target lighting with my phone, so are not necessarily color accurate. To me, Cardinal Plume looked like a bright, sheer red (gorgeous on some, but those always pull pink on me), and Fiery Veil was a TRUE bright orange.

L’Oreal Cardinal Plume, Fiery Veil

Overall, I like these – especially Cherry Tulle, which is a lovely sheer berry that’s fairly unique among my lipsticks.  I can see myself using Sheer Linen layered over another nude to add some shine without adding the stickiness of a gloss, and using Sunset Angora on a natural-makeup day instead of just lip balm.   However, due to the wear time, these will be a daytime lipstick option for me rather than something I wear on nights out – at night, I want something that will last longer.

Have you tried the Caresse lipsticks? Are you planning to?


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Revlon Tutti Frutti Lip Butter Review, Swatch, Photos

This is a scheduled post as I’m visiting family this weekend. I may be slower than usual at approving comments and responding to questions. 

I have and love Revlon’s Candy Apple lip butter, and I recently bought a second one – Tutti Frutti, which is a softened orange.   I really like the lip butter formula – I find it to be very moisturizing, yet not too slippery.  It’s pigmented enough that I’d classify it as a glossy, moisturizing lipstick rather than a lip balm.

I don’t love the packaging of the lip butters – there’s something about the quilted-looking plastic on the outside that I just don’t find aesthetically appealing. However, I do like the interior metal part of the packaging, and it is functional and sturdy.  The packaging isn’t something that prevents me from buying the lip butters, but it is something I notice and dislike every time I use them.

Tutti Frutti is a really pretty shade. It would be a good “introduction to orange” shade if you’ve been wanting to try an orange, but don’t want something too bright. I’d say that it’s halfway between coral and orange – it’s nowhere near as bright as Revlon Coral, which is quite bright and quite orange, for example.

The following lip swatch turned out a little bit more muted then the color actually appears on me – the full face photos is more color accurate.  However, I’ve applied a couple coats of Tutti Frutti. If you prefer a more subdued look, you can dab on just one coat.

And, the full face photo – click for full size.

Overall, I’m really glad I bought Tutti Frutti. I have some similar shades – I’ll be doing a coral / orange lipstick comparison post soon – but this one is really flattering, pretty, and has a great formula!


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Revlon Candy Apple Lip Butter Review, Swatches, Photos

Today I’ll be reviewing Revlon’s Lip Butter in the shade Candy Apple, a warm coral red – one of my favorite types of shades.  As I’m sure you know, the Lip Butter formula is a glossy lipstick. It sort of feels like a balm – smooth and hydrating – but it definitely has the pigmentation of a lipstick.

There’s really not much to be said about this lipstick that hasn’t already been written, so I’ll let the swatches speak for themselves!

it looks more orange-coral swatched on my arm

and more red-pink-coral on my lips!

It’s a really lovely shade. I highly recommend it!


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