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Tarina Tarantino Pure Nude Sparklicity Pure Loose Pigment Review & Swatches

Tarina Tarantino Pure Nude Sparklicity

For today’s final installment of Tarina Tarantino products, I have the Pure Nude Sparklicity Pure Loose Pigment.  This pigment can be used any way you like; I’ve tried it as eyeshadow and I’m planning to try mixing a little in to nail polish.

The packaging of this is nice; it’s a small clear plastic pot with a metal lid.  The holes were originally sealed with a clear sticker, which I have removed – I would actually recommend that you not remove the entire sticker, as the loose pigment can get a little messy if you do.

When I photographed the pigment without flash, it appeared quite yellow (see above), and when I photographed it with flash, it appeared quite pink (below).  But, in person, the pigment is a translucent beige with gold sparkle.  The beige base virtually disappears on my skintone, leaving just the sparkle.

Pure Nude Sparklicity pigment

Pure Nude Sparklicity pigment – with flash

It was hard to capture how this looks in a swatch on camera – in person this is prettier, a twinkling, sparkling shimmer. As you can see, the glitter particles are very fine.  This is a heavy swatch over bare skin.

Tarina Tarantino pure nude sparklicity pigment swatch

natural light

Tarina Tarantino pure nude sparklicity pigment swatch


Although I swatched this dry over bare skin, I would recommend applying it damp or over a sticky base to prevent fallout. I found that it adhered to the skin better than I expected, but as a loose powder it is quite messy.

Overall, this is a really lovely pigment with many different uses. However, I find loose pigments a bit tricky to work with, so I’d only recommend it to those who have the patience to play with it and figure out a way to make it work for them.