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Weekly Loves #1

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Weekly Loves

I decided to start a new series, Weekly Loves.  I’ll be (hopefully!) posting it every week on Sunday so I can discuss my loves / favorites from the week.  I’ll use the following four prompts to structure the post:

  1. A newly purchased product I am loving;
  2. A long-time or rediscovered favorite I am loving;
  3. My most-wanted wishlist item; and
  4. A blog post I especially enjoyed reading.

Let’s get started –

A newly purchased product I am loving

I really love thermal nail polish right now, and Polished by KPT makes my favorites ones.  The newest addition to my thermal polish family Harvest Moon, which is especially great because it’s work appropriate – nude/beige when warm & orange when cold (and holo, too!).

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Quick Swatches – Pure Ice Polishes

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Pure Ice Polish bottles

I’m a big fan of the Walmart-exclusive Pure Ice nail polishes; great quality and a great price (though I dislike that I have to buy them at Walmart).  Today, I have swatches of the 13 shades I own.

pure ice swatches-2

A few of the colors look a little patchy in the above photo, but that’s only because I didn’t do enough coats – I think some of them are just one coat, and they even out nicely with two. It was just too dark when I was painting them for me to notice!

More photos and shade descriptions below the cut.

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Sally Girl Mini Nail Polish New Shades Swatches & Review

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sally girl polish swatches-2

Brainy // Twinkle // Luv It // It’s So Me // Baby Doll

A while back, Sally Beauty released several new additions to the 99 cent Sally Girl polish line (the website has was recently updated by the way – much better swatches now!). If you aren’t familiar with these polishes, they’re small, but generally have good formulas.  I have a handful of them that I really like, and I bought five of the newer shades. Sometimes the bottles have the names printed on them, but sometimes they only have the item number, so I’ve included the item number for reference.  If you have a polish without a name, you can check on the Sally Beauty website (same link as above) – the website lists both name and number.

Sally Girl Brainy Twinkle Luv It It's So Me Genie Swatches

Brainy 812035 // Twinkle 812097 // Luv It 812049 // It’s So Me 812121 //  Genie 812015

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Reviews Revisited: Volume V

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Thank you so much to those of you who took the time to fill out my feedback survey – your suggestions were so helpful! And it’s still open if you’d like to take it.  I’ll definitely be incorporating your feedback, starting with today’s Reviews Revisited post. I had stopped doing these posts, but several of you mentioned that you like them, so they’re back!

First – Givenchy Le Rouge in Brun Createur (I have the mini size that was a Sephora 100 point perk; one of the best they’ve had!). Continue reading

NYC Gold Flake Topcoat Swatches & Review

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NYC Top of the Gold topcoat

I am in the process of moving (almost everything is packed, including most of my makeup & nail polish) so today I have a very short post for you. NYC recently released a new gold flake top coat called Top of the Gold – it’s on the website, so I think it’s permanent.  Note that it’s not a real-gold-flake type topcoat – more of a gold-colored flakie topcoat. It looks to be a dupe for Zoya Maria Luisa – but I don’t own the Zoya to compare.

NYC Top Coat Gold-2

Above, I have two coats alone on the left and one coat layered over two different polishes in the middle / on the right.  The polish is a bit thick/goopy, and I found that unless you allow it to dry completely, you can’t do a second coat – it will be uneven. I think it would be fairly opaque in three coats, but I didn’t have the patience for that!

However, when layered, it looks best (I think) applied in one thin layer – and a single thin layer is easy to apply evenly.

It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty! For $1.99, I’d definitely recommend it!

Sunday Swatches: Wet n Wild Fergie Cabo Cruise Nail Polish

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Wet n Wild Fergie Cabo Cruise

During the summer, I posted about the Wet n Wild Fergie Summer collection, which includes many different types of items including several nail polishes (note there’s also another nail polish only Fergie summer collection out).  I purchased one of the nail polishes, Cabo Cruise, and it is GORGEOUS.

Wet n Wild Fergie Cabo Cruise-2

Look at that shimmer!

Wet n Wild Fergie Cabo Cruise Swatch

Photographed in full sun


I saw this around all summer but haven’t seen it lately  . . . sorry about that :/ (I found this post in my drafts folder a little while ago – I wish I had published it this summer when the polish was still available!)