Bronzer Comparisons, Swatches, Photos

It’s been a while since I did a Project Swatch post, but I have a couple coming up! Today, I have swatches of all my bronzers for you.  I rarely wear bronzers, but when cleaning out my makeup, I rediscovered my ELF Blush / Bronzing duo and my NYC Sunny Bronzer, and since I am recently smitten with my Burberry Sheer Summer Glow compact (which works as a bronzer or a highlighter), I decided to re-swatch them. And, I decided that I like them both!

The swatches:

The bronzer half of the ELF Blush and Bronzer duo is quite nice (although I find the blush half too powdery to use).  It has a nice level of pigmentation and is quite smooth. Although it has some shimmer, it’s at a reasonable, wearable level.  This is a great choice for the price.

The Burberry Sheer Summer Glow compact, previously reviewed, is fantastic – though expensive.  It is not matte, but has more of a glowing, illuminating finish than something I would call a shimmer. In the picture, I swatched just the left side of the compact (the two darker squares); that’s how I use it as a bronzer.  It’s very adjustable as to the shade, which is nice.

Third, the NYC Sunny compact is surprisingly high quality for something so inexpensive.  It is a matte bronzer, and a nice color.  It is not as silky I would like, which is perhaps not surprising for the price, but it is definitely an acceptable texture. The packaging, however, is quite annoying – very cheap and flimsy.

I use all three of these as bronzers – on my face to create a summery bronzy look – I never use any of these to contour.  I prefer a contour product with more grey in it, to create a more realistic shadow. Here, I’ve swatched MAC Sculpting powder in Sculpt next to the three bronzer so you can see the difference in using a dedicated contouring product instead of a bronzer for contouring.


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