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Addiction Cheek Sticks

Addiction Cheek Stick Suspicious Tea Rose Swatches

Suspicious // Tea Rose

I love these. Tea Rose has a slightly better (more emollient) texture which is wearable on both lips and cheeks – Suspicious works beautifully on my cheeks, but I don’t like the texture on my lips.  I purchased these on Ichibankao for ¥4050 (around $42) each, which includes shipping. In Japan, they retail for ¥2940 (around $30), but Ichibankao is the easiest way to get them if you live in the US. Next on my to-buy list: Rose Bar.   You can see swatches of all the currently-available Cheek Sticks on the fantastic blog So Lonely in Gorgeous, here.


*As noted in this review, I purchased both of the featured products.  Please see my disclosure policy for more information.

  • Bellyhead

    I MUST GET ONE OF THESE. grrr. Lemming going into overdrive.

  • I’ve never seen these before, but Tea Rose is so, so me. And after seeing the swatches on So Lonely in Gorgeous – wow, there are so many shades I adore. I need to look into these more. Thank you for showing them, Emi!

  • I’m going to resolutely look away from the evil website and not get hooked on MORE brands! I’ve heard great things about Addiction, but buying stuff from any non-EU based webshops usually means extra trouble 🙁

  • These are so gorgeous. Very nice shades!

  • Makeupremastered

    I have Amazing Cheek stick- Tea rose looks like a lovely nude cheek colour- a natural flush kinda thing! next on cheek stick lust list!

  • Ooooh Addiction products! Ahh I dont even care what they are–I WANT!! 😛 Ok but really, these are gorgeous and I have been wanting to try Addiction for some time but gar–the mark-up price really irks me!! i am just going to have to suck it up one of these days though because I am dying to try the brand. Also Suqqu, THREE, and Lunasol (and a few others…)